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June 20th


  • Dive-Into-Python Chapters 2-5
    • Functions, Datatypes, List functions, Classes and Objects
  • Make glycerol stocks of R0010+E0241
    • 100uL 50% glycerol, 100uL liquid media
  • DNA Miniprep
    • Follow handout; had 2 5mL samples, only used one of them
    • Tubes 0.5mL PCR; labeled in blue on top
  • Digest for diagnosis
    • Xba1 and Pst1
      1. .5uL Xba1, .5uL Pst1
      2. 11uL h20
      3. 2.5uL 10X BSA
      4. 2.5uL #3 NebBuffer
      5. 8uL DNA
      6. Incubate @ 37C for 1h


  • Ran DNA on an E-gel. Lane7 in the picture below:

Image:Digest 6-20-06.jpg

  • Further brainstorming on DNA nanostructure design.
    • Considered flat-sheet and honeycomb-lattice versions of each of the following structures: cylinder, tetrahedron, cube.
    • Eventually decided to go with honeycomb-lattice cylinder since we have already made those.
    • Considered multiple ideas for DNA nanotube lids. Measurements and calculations will be posted tomorrow.
    • Peng did some research and found that we need to set up some equipment to raise cyanobacteria. And by set up, I mean build. Home Depot road trip on the morrow? Stay tuned!
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