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Today we'll be synthesizing lysozyme-AuNP's, finish the tests left on 55:1 and 110:1 lysozyme to AuNps ratio as well as on 100:1 BSA-AuNPs. In addition, we imaged the tests that we run last week.


For the synthesis of AuNPs, we made stock solutions, visible in the following image:

'Figure 1. Stock solutions of Lys and Gold'

Then we made the solutions adding the correspondent amount of gold, lysozyme and water. In the following image it can be seen the volumes added

'Figure 2. Volumes of Gold, Lysozyme, and Water added to create Nanoparticles'


We show the pictures of the effect that the tests had on the solutions. The 55:1 and 110:1 consisted on purely fibers, since the supernatant was removed, and the correspondent variable. On the other hand, the BSA solution had no fibers visible before the variables were added.

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