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1. Concentration of solution described here was found to be 1.1 x 10-6 mol.

2. 1.8 mL of DMF was added to ATP and TEAB mixture described here at atmospheric pressure using a syringe. Mixture was set over a stir plate. ATP residue did not go into solution.

3. After 20 minutes of stirring, 0.123 g DCC was added following the procedure as described by Song, Kerman, Kraatz (2007).

4. After 3 hours, the mixture was still not completely in solution. A relatively large amount of white solid remained on the walls of the round-bottom flask. 4 mL of the 1.1x10-6M Ru(bp) mixture was added to the mixture, and was left to reflux over the weekend.


1. 0.2069 mg x (1 g/1000 mg) x (1 mol/468.27 g)=4.4x10-7


ATP did not go into solution. In the future, this should be done overnight.

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