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Gene Expression and Development in Fungi Main project page
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Trichoderma & P. vulgaris interaction

Things to do

  • Seed Negro San Luis.
  • Seed Nep2

Things done

  • Both seeded



Washing step
  • Nep2. Unwashed, given by Pedro Martinez.
  • Negro San Luis.
    • 1- Washed with water.
    • 2- Washed with ClO-.
    • 3- Water 3X
    • 4- EtOH 70%.
    • 5- Water 2X
    • 6- Sink in water, to know viable seeds.
Seed step
    • Remove layer (Testa in spanish).
    • Put them in recipes, with paper bond and water in 3 different levels. 20 each level.
    • Save in 26.5°C at 3p.m.

Intergenic sequences in T.atroviride

Things to do

  • Start to predict possible genes in Augustus,training

Things done

  • Training of T.atro,in Augustus. In process.



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