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-ratio 70 gold to protein purple solution all the tiem. making the fibers see if we can control how they are made. big fibers. in/out. try to make aggregates in and out at this concentration. this concentration usualyl produces purple solution. heat for 50min in oven, cool for 10 min in ice bucket.

-ratio 166 gave us fibers whole time. control to get purple solution at this concentration value. water bath at 80 or greater degrees celcius


  • BSA: 17.7┬ÁM-->0.0000177 M
  • gold: 2.9mM--> .0029 M

(x*(2.9E-3))/ (y*17.7E-6)=70 x=1ml gold y=2.34ml bsa H20 = 6.66ml

(x*(2.9E-3))/ (y*17.7E-6)= 166 x=1ml y= 0.987 ml bsa H20= 8.013 ml


50mins in 10 mins 1) out still clear (50min) 2) stuck in ice for 10min still clear (60min) 3) out (110min) 4) ice nothing 5) oven nother left out of oven turned purple

water bath left in 60min aggregates started to form would like to have more time, they formed in a chain web then when out of water bath the chain coiled up into the aggregated ball


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