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  • tested bsa+ gold and dye with fluorescence 1st batch (400 nm and 280)
  • made more bsa + dye at same protocol from the feb 14 second batch
  • made a sample of bsa+ buffer for the concentration curve as a standard
    • 406µl buffer/ 2776 µL = x / 10000µL
    • (15µM)(2.7)=(x)(3.18) new concentration in the BSA+Dye+buffer solution = 12.7 µM of BSA in buffer +dye


  • diluted gold to 30 µL gold+BSA+dye+buffer +1,000 µL buffer
  • diluted gold to 200 µL gold+BSA+dye+buffer + 1,000 µL buffer
  • BSA+buffer - diluted 30 µL BSA+buffer + 1,000 µL buffer





  • bsa had not affect on fluorescence
  • need to test how much of affect it has on uv.
  • there was very little shift for the AUNP +DYE, the shift was to the left and hardly noticeable we will repeat to make sure this is correct
  • 6nm shift for BSA+dye

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