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April 8, 2014


  • Centrifuge 2nd procedure Ag:BSA NPs
  • UVvis of Ag:BSA NPs from last time
  • Put dry-autoclaved scaffolds into bacteria
  • Make Au nanofibers and print scaffolds (12) for brute force

Sample Prep: Nanofibers for Brute Force


  • Solutions:
    • Au: 0.011g in 10mL to make 2.793mM solution
    • Myoglobin: 0.011g in 10mL to make 0.0621mM solution

Brute Force Nanofiber-coated Scaffolds

  • 4 PLA scaffolds printed for each test tube
  • Gold:Myoglobin (100:1) nanofibers synthesized by above method
  • Nanofibers dried onto PLA scaffolds
  • Scaffolds submerged in water
  • Autoclaved

Results: UV-vis

Image:2014 0408 abs AgBSA NPs.PNG

  • Absorbance peaks were not as expected, as Ag NPs are supposed to peak around 400nm

Sample Prep: Scaffolds in Bacteria

  • Dry-autoclaved scaffolds submerged in bacteria solution

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