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Mats Howard Cooper

Mats Howard Cooper

Mats Cooper

Doctoral Candidate in Engineering

(1/11) Teaching Assistantships Completed:

2.005 / 2.006 sequence in Thermal Fluids Engineering (2003-2004) (MIT certificates required)

BE.342 / BE.442 Molecular Structure of Biological Materials (2005) (MIT certificates required)

(2/11) Community Outreach:

SEED Academy - Saturday Engineering Enrichment and Discovery Academy. (2006)

Beacon Academy – Academics, Character, Opportunity. (2005-2006)

(3/11) Research Funding generously provided by:

(2002-2003) Department of Mechanical Engineering

(2004-2005) Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation

(2005) ROHM of Japan

(4/11) Public Presentations:

(2004) MIT Graduate Association of Mechanical Engineers

(2003) Talente exhibition Munich Germany.

(5/11) Business Plan Contest Submissions:

(2002) Chemicube in the $1K Entrepreneurship Competition.

(2003) Chemicube in the $50K Entrepreneurship Competition.

Mass High Tech News Coverage of the Chemicube (2003)

(6/11) Research Contributions for William Thies:

Abstraction Layers for Scalable Microfluidic Biocomputers.
William Thies, John Paul Urbanski, Todd Thorsen and Saman Amarasinghe.
Proceedings of the 12th International Meeting on DNA Computing (DNA 2006).
Seoul, Korea, June, 2006.

Programmable Microfluidics.
William Thies, J.P. Urbanski, Mats Cooper, David Wentzlaff, Todd Thorsen, and Saman Amarasinghe.
ASPLOS Wild and Crazy Ideas Session.
Boston, MA, October, 2004.

Towards Programmable Microfluidics.
William Thies, Research Qualifying Examination, MIT EECS, April, 2004.

(7/11) Support for Prof. Todd Thorsen:

Fabricating Microfluidic Devices for High-Density Biological Assays. Panamerican Advanced Studies Institute: Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems; San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina (2004)

Digital Microfluidics Using Soft Lithography.
John Paul Urbanski, William Thies, Christopher Rhodes, Saman Amarasinghe and Todd Thorsen.
Lab on a Chip 2006, 6(1), 96-104.

J.P. Urbanski Masters Thesis (2004)

(8/11) Patent Filings:

20060088449 Systems and methods for transferring a fluid sample

20050277125 High-density reaction chambers and methods of use

My inventors page at

(9/11) Student Government:

(2004-2006) Roster for Graduate Student Council Institute Committee on Intellectual Property.

Graduate Student Council General Council Meeting Attendance.

Secretary: Graduate Association of Mechanical Engineers (2005-2006) as reported in the Annual Report and Newsletter.

Social Chair: Graduate Association of Mechanical Engineers (2004-2005) as reported in the Newsletter.

Social Chair: Sidney Pacific (2003-2004) as reported in the Sidney Pacific Newsletter and house meeting minutes.

Sidney Pacific Brunch helper

(2005) MIT Scuba Club.

(10/11) Research pics:

2.744 Clock and Solidworks parts for a mobile PDA stethoscope

(2005) Jess Vey's writeup on page 10 of the Graduate Student News

(2003) Photographer and Web Publisher: Joost Bonsen

(11/11) 20th century projects:

(2000) Jitter compensation control, beam calibration, beam setup and alignment for the Artificial Star 3 Gravity Probe B project at Stanford as detailed in the doctoral thesis of Ted Acworth.

(2000) Graduate study with the Alliance for Innovative Manufacturing at Stanford

Patri Friedman is in this category because we haven't done any 21st century projects yet.

(1999) First-place award of the Pacific Southwest Section of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE/PSW) in the section's Undergraduate Engineering Design Competition goes to my Harvey Mudd team.

(1994) Diploma - Geneva Community High School via the Names Database.

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