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  • Ph.D., Molecular Biology, University of Texas, Health Science Center, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX
  • B.S., Cellular Biology, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS

Research Interests

Image:Rittyresearch.gif please follow this link to read more about the research interests of our group.

Recent Publications

Please follow this link for a full listing.

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  1. Wei L, Lakhtakia A, Roopnariane AP, Ritty TM: Human Fibroblast Attachment on Fibrous Parylene-C Thin-Film Substrates. Materials Science and Engineering C (2010) Accepted, now in press.


  2. Roopnariane AP, Freed RJ, Price S, Fox EJ, Ritty TM: Osteosarcoma in a Marfan patient with a novel premature termination codon in the FBN1 gene. Connective Tissue Research (2010) Accepted, now in press.


  3. Wei L, Parhi P, Vogler EA, Ritty TM, Lakhtakia A. Thickness-controlled hydrophobicity of fibrous Parylene-C films Materials Lett. 2010; 64:1063-1065.


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