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Our design process

Title two

moar conteeeeeeeeent!!!!!!!!! So for this box we have no image on the right, how will this affect the text box? Will it be squished left?

Drop down menu source

Hi! Welcome to Imperial College's Biobricks and Characterisation hub. Below is the final construct we produced. If you want to know more about our system or the devices of which it is made, please click the links below to see characterisation information. More information about biobricks can be found by selecting them in the construct below (just put your mouse over a part!) and if you click them you'll be taken to their respective pages.


| Device 1: Promoter/RBS | Device 2: epsE/Terminator |

| System 1: Clutch Mechanism |

NOTE: Eventually we'll hopefully have this sort of thing set up for our full construct, as below...
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