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The template for this lab can be seen from Dr. Hartings lab. Values are altered to accurately describe the lab that was conducted on this day. The template can be found here


  1. Synthesize Pepsin-AuNPs for reactivity tests tomorrow
  2. Determine the Au:Protein ratio required for fiber formation for pepsin and HRP


  1. Make solutions in test tube that will contain a total of 5mL add
    1. Au solution such that the final concentration is 0.25mM
    2. Protein solution such that the final concentration reflects the following Au:Protein ratios
      1. 30
      2. 50
      3. 70
      4. 90
      5. 110
      6. 130
      7. 150
      8. 170
      9. 190
      10. 210
    3. Water up to 5mL
    4. Place tubes in oven for 4 hours at 80 degrees Celsius
    5. Take the UV Vis of BSA, Au, HRP, and Pepsin

Calculations used to make a solutions.



UV- Vis of stock solutions used to make samples.

Image: Screen_Shot_2013-11-03_at_4.14.50_AM.png Image: Screen_Shot_2013-11-03_at_4.16.34_AM.png

Stock Solutions

  1. HRP
    1. 67.3mg in 100mL of water ---> 15.3 μM
  2. Pepsin
    1. 54.4mg in 100mL of water ---> 15.7 μM
  3. Gold
    1. Need 50mL of 2.5mM
    2. 49.7mg of HAuCl4·3H2O in 50mL water --> 2.52 mM

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