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  • to make 35mL of saturated ammonium PF6
  • to make solvent of 2:4:4:3 isopropanol:dioxane:H2O:NHsub>4</sub>OH


  • Making Saturated Ammonium PF6 Solution
    • 13.5577g of Ammonium PF6 was added to 35mL water in a 50mL centrifuge tube.
  • Making 2:4:4:3 Isopropanol:Dioxane:H2O:NHsub>4</sub>OH Solvent
    • 6mL Isopropanol, 12mL p-Dioxane, 12mL water, and 9mL NH4OH were measured out and combined in a 50mL centrifuge tube.
    • (Total volume = 39mL)
    • The solution was tested by running a TCL of ATP in this solvent.
      • The ATP ran in the solvent made.


  • Add data and results here...


This area is for any observations or conclusions that you would like to note.

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