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Ideally, you would talk to your instructor. She/He would then make the necessary changes.

Since OpenWetWare is a wiki, anyone with an account can edit any page they want. Additionally, the MediaWiki software keeps track of all the previous versions of a page, so it is easy to roll back unwanted page edits.

However, to keep things organized and to go easy on the instructors, there are a few guidelines for editing OpenWetWare (in the context of BISC 220).

Use the "Talk" page not the "Main" page.
To keep the protocol pages short and easy to read, please add your comments to the "Talk" page for that protocol instead of to the protocol itself. At the top of every wiki page, you'll see a tab saying "Talk". It is a page automatically created for the purpose of discussing the contents of the associated article. By adding your comments there, the main protocol should remain easy for others to read and use.

Sign your work
Sign your name to non-minor edits to the wiki. It makes it easier for others in the class to know who is saying what. If you are logged in as yourself, you can automatically sign with your name and a timestamp just by typing ~~~~. Try it in the Sandbox to see what happens.

Editing your userpage
To get started on OpenWetWare, try editing your userpage. Type User:Yourusername in the search box on the left hand side of this wiki page to go to your user page to begin editing. Write a sentence or two about yourself so that other OpenWetWare users can see who is making which edits.


Follow the general etiquette guidelines for OpenWetWare.
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