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  • Create a new Wiki page: [[new page title]] — When you include a non-existent link in a page (say, your user page), the software can tell that this page doesn't exist and colors it red instead of blue/purple. When you click on the red link, you are then given the option to edit (and thus create) the page.
  • Link to a page within our Wiki: [[Dahlquist:page title|optional visible label]]
  • Link to an external Web page: http://address or [http://address visible label]
  • Create an e-mail link: [mailto:name@address.com visible label]
  • Use headings: === title === (number of equals signs indicates heading level)
  • Create a bulleted list: *
  • Create a numbered list: #
  • "Comment out" your Wiki code: <!-- commented-out Wiki text --> When you "comment out" your wiki code, the code will be visible on the Edit page, but will not be visible on the wiki page itself. That way, you can keep a rough draft of a wiki page invisible until you are ready for it to be seen.
  • Upload an image or other type of file: Click Upload file then follow the instructions.
  • Use an image on your page: [[Image:exact-name-of-image-file]]
  • Link to an upload file on your Wiki page: [[Media:exact-name-of-uploaded-file|visible label]]
  • Assign one or more categories to your page: [[Category:category name]] This creates an automatic "table of contents" for the wiki. When you click on a category link at the bottom of a page, a new page opens giving you a list of all wiki pages that have been assigned that category.
  • Use the discussion (talk) page to make a comment. Wiki etiquette requires that you sign your comments with your "signature": ~~~~ (4 tildes in a row) (which gets converted automatically, for example, into: Kam D. Dahlquist 21:41, 5 November 2008 (EST) )
  • Every time you edit a page (whether it is a content page or discussion page), enter a meaningful description of your change in the Summary field at the bottom of the editor. This allows other users to easily see (say via the Special:RecentChanges or history pages) what has happened to the page since they last visited it.
  • Pages whose name starts with Template: are special — these are replicable blocks of wiki text that you can include in other pages. In fact, the Dahlquist Lab heading and links at the top of this page are controlled by the Template:Dahlquist, and you can include it in any page by saying:

...this will "expand" the template to its full contents on the actual page.

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