Haynes Lab:Notebook/HPK-CFP insertion into Gal4EED/Luc using CRISPR/2015/04/24

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Yesterday I set up six liquid cultures from six colonies picked from the ligation plate of DBN001_pSB1A3. Today I'll be harvesting the plasmid and checking DNA concentration and quality on the nanodrop.


All six liquid cultures grew normally. Backup plate looks good. Several more colonies appeared on the ligation plate overnight, in case these cultures do not contain the expected product.

Sigma GenElute Plasmid Miniprep Kit was used.

DNA Concentration

Sample ID Conc. (ng/µL) st dev (ng/µL) 260/280
colony 1177.91.3891.95
colony 2160.41.0391.97
colony 3173.83.1551.94
colony 4237.411.261.94
colony 5142.75.7081.97
colony 6126.70.0581.94

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