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We have 4 tubes from last year. These strains are frozen in glycerol.

  • PNZ8901 plasmid in E.coli MC1061 Strain
    • Chloroamphenicol resistant
    • "sure" vector
    • does not integrate
  • B. subtilis strain 1A1
    • No resistance
    • Same as strain 168 but tryptophan deficient
  • E.coli strain MC1061, no plasmid
  • PP182 plasmid in E.coli strain DH5alpha
    • Ampicillin resistance
    • integrates

Checking antibiotic resistance

Purpose : Grow each of them on a plate to test their antibiotic resistance


  • Warm up frozen tubes
  • Take 15uL of each and put it on plates without antibiotic
  • Incubate at 37°C

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