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  • There were transformants from yesterday's transformation
James celebrates apparent success
James celebrates apparent success
  • After Biobrick PCR the gel showed short fragments, suggesting self ligation of the vector.
Ellis realises the sad truth
Ellis realises the sad truth
  • Repeated digest and ligation protocol from the weekend, with EcoR1 and Pst1 instead of Xba1 and Spe.


  • Extracted two GFP-only sequences (J04630 and I714062) from the registry, for use as reporters for osmY.
  • PCR on these and the RBS B0030. Ran E-gel to check PCR.
  • Cut osmY plasmid with Spe, and RBS B0030 with Xba, and ligated the two.
  • Transformed cells with this construct. Then realised this was silly.

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