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Western Blot Images

Today we applied both antibody washes and imaged our GFP Western blot. These are the resulting images:

The GFP bands
The GFP bands
The film minus the GFP bands
The film minus the GFP bands
Both images together
Both images together

Innoculation of transformation products from yesterday

Only the:

  • 4500\xp a\xp
  • 0034\sp a\xp
  • 0034\sp c\xp
  • 4500\xp c\xp
  • 4500\sp b\xp
  • + cont.

Grew! innoculated 2 clones/ea, except for 0034\sp c\xp. In 4uL with CARB antibiotic. --Zsun 20:53, 19 August 2006 (EDT)

Digest of J04500\xp J04500 \sp KaiABC \xp B0034\sp

Redigested two of each of the above per. silver protocol ratios, except each enzyme was diluted 3fold. (in other words, each sample had 7.2 uL DNA), 16h @ 45C. The J04500 source was again the 97ng/uL.
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