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Module by Module Working

Protein Production + Functional Assay

  • Charles
  • Tianyi


  • James
  • Nuri
  • Dave

Killing Strategy

  • Kun
  • Dineka
  • Royah

What we need in each module

  • List each test construct -> showing names of all parts used
  • Cloning Strategy
    • SLIC
  • Testing Constructs
    • Assays : protocols written up, data produced, how that is going to be useful for drylab. Critically analyse those already up
    • Shopping Lists
  • James Chappell 07:00, 10 August 2009 (EDT):For shopping list please can each group put the following information up for each item in a table -> description/quantity you will buy(volume, weight, number..)/company/product no./link to website/price if available. Please delete comment once everyone has read.

Link to Shopping List Page

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