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Red Reception

Dear Hector,

Glad to hear you have good news. Back here we were wondering if good news would ever come along, but it seems it has finally arrived : ). Hope your luxAB glows!

For the synthesised parts that would be great if you could send us CcaS and YFP. We would also be interested in your lovTAP and the blue light inducible promoter in pSB4A5 if that's ok (I'm not so sure what this is, Marta spoke to Claudia about this).

We will let you know about any progress with the PCB genes. We have some potential transformants growing but cannot see any DNA, this might be a problem with the minipreps. I think we will email the people who wrote that paper and ask them if they can send the DNA, if we are lucky maybe they can send it to us in time.

Have a good day!

Will and the Edinburgh Illuminati

Blue promoter

Hi Marta and Will:

I'm Jorge from the WiFi coli team, I've been working with the YcgE/F promoter system which gets activated upon blue light induction (BBa_K238013). I've inserted a minimum version (designed by us) of this promoter in pSB4A5 with the GFP BBa_E0240. I also tried to insert our minimum version and the complete version of the Blue Promoter in pSB3K3 with GFP BBa_K145015 but unfortunately we've had some problems with these two last constructions. I'm checking out what's the problem and trying to fix it, when I have these constructions ready I'll let you know. It's important to mention that we added a RBS to this GFP because originally this part lacked it, we have the GFP with RBS in pSB1T3

I also ligated our minimum Blue Promoter without any reporter gene in pSB4A5, this construction is ready in case you want us to send it to you.

Let me know if you would like to know something else regarding the Blue Promoter.

Best regards!!

Jorge and the WiFi coli team.

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