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Shipment issues, Luminometer & Skype videoconference

Hi, Marta!

As maybe you already know, we have received the synthesis package ;D

We are transforming the plasmids from synthesis, next week we will be ready to send your team the parts that you want. According to the e-mails, we understood that your team wanted to receive the following:

-Blue promoter*

-LuxY synthesized.

-CcaS-CCaR synthesized.

-Mariana´s luciferase**

-LuxAB (the one that Augusto extracted from vibrio fisheri)***

-LovTAP synthesized.

-*Jorge will update the blue promoter information very soon, so you will know the details of the constructions and more about the experiment with the multi-well fluorimeter to detect GFPs emission under the control of the blue promoter. Actually, he is confirming the ligations between blue promoter and GFPs. He used two GFPs (BBa_E0240 and BBa_K145015).

-**Marina is transforming the luciferase construction, and hopefully she would check the bioluminescence emission for next week.

-***Augusto is analyzing the PCR products from LuxAB and he will try to assemble it in biobrick format.

After our team meeting, we decided that the following parts from your team would be very useful for us, so that we would be more than thankful for receive them.

-Readout systems for LovTAP (1&2).

-The red luciferase mutant S284T (in case Mariana´s luciferase doesn´t work as expected)


-E.coli PCB producing strain (in case that your team get it first than us, from the reference that Hector sent to your team).

-Cph8 PCR.

We think that another video conference would be perfect to discuss these shipment issues.

From Tuesday to Friday, we could be available to skype your team again.

Let us know your decision.

I will write you later my personal advances with LovTAP, I am still waiting for experimental results.

Good Luck!

Claudia & UNAM-Genomics-Mexico team

P.D. The multi-well fluorimeter that we used working on blue promoter, enables us to measure GFP fluorescence. I refered as luminometer, the device to measure bioluminescence reactions. So, what device do you use to measure bioluminescence?

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