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pBBR1MCS PCR extraction verification


I ran a gel to see if the PCR amplifications of the pBBRMCS backbone (that I did yesterday) were well. Unfortunately nothing appeard in the gel.


I ran the PCR results to see if the backbone was amplified. I made 4 PCRs from 4 different samples exxtracted by Vladimir: pBBR1MCS 1, pBBR1MCS 2, pBBR1MCS DH5α, pBBR1MCS S17.

  • 120V, 35 min
  • 0.5μL concentrated dye + 3μL template

Gel image


 1. Ladder 500bp
 2,3. not interesting for this study
 4. pBBR1MCS 1
 5. pBBR1MCS 2
 6. pBBR1MCS DH5α
 7. pBBR1MCS S17
 8. control pBBR1MCS S17 (without PCR amplification).


Gel analysis

There are no marks, which means that the PCRs did not run :( No idea why.

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