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Austin Che 22:55, 10 November 2006 (EST): Some of the comments on the limits aren't really true. For example, you can embed SVG already using wikitex. For example:


Other things like graphs and chemical diagrams (see Amino acids) are already doable. What's missing may be a WYSIWYG editor also.

SVG image support

--Vincent 14:51, 11 November 2006 (EST): That's right, SVG is already handled within MediaWiki (see documentation). However, it is quite a limited use of SVG as SVG files are PNG rasterized. It prevents to benefit from the all world of SVG interactivity (animations, links). But at the end I agree that for some static vector graphics, it could be better to rely on SVG rasterization instead of having to use an applet as a viewer (which might be slow to launch).

As you mentionned, the editing of SVG still lacks some sort of ergonomy. It should be handled by a graphical interface(e.g.applet). It would be too constraining to ask users to update raw SVG files.

About images on OWW, here is a list of the different types of images that could be useful:

  • array of pixels (PNG, JPEG, GIF) --> natively handled by MediaWiki
  • vector graphics without interactivity (SVG) --> handled by MediaWiki as rasterized images (PNG)
  • vector graphics with interactivity (SVG) --> not handled
  • array of pixels with vector graphics overlays (PNG, JPEG, GIF embedded into SVG) --> need to try if PNG raster works

Interesting tests on overlays

It looks really powerful as the bitmap is in fact a xlink reference (examples are from Only the contour is described in the SVG code.

We are now just missing a simple editor to start having gels and random images annotated.



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