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Designer Genes - Biofabricator subtilis
The Imperial College iGEM Team has constructed a genetically engineered Biofabricator, using the Gram-positive bacterium Bacillus subtilis, with application from Bio-couture to tissue engineering. Our Biofabricator subtilis is designed to produce self-assembling biomaterials using light as a trigger, and it achieves this in three stages: (i) based on the principles of holography and an endogenous light-sensing mechanism, our engineered bacteria is captured at desired locations; (ii) next, bacterial locomotion is suspended by using a clutch mechanism that disengages the flagellum from the motor protein; (iii) finally, once bacteria are stationary, biomaterial production is triggered leading to self-assembly and the formation of bio-scaffolds at specific locations.

Please continue on to our project pages - you may want to start with our >>> Project Specifications >>>

The Imperial College Team 2008 has received sponsorship from a number of generous companies. We are grateful for their kind support.

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