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  • found the average molar absorptivity of BSA in order to determine the concentration of bond bsa in nanoparticles
  • Made 20mL solutions of Nanoparticles
  • tom will place in a 100kDa dialysis bag to remove unbound BSA and dye


Calculations for dilutions of 60:1 in 10 mL

  • (0.906ml HAuCl4)(0.0027mols/L)= (10mL)(x)
    • x=0.000245mols/L of HAuCl4 in 10mL of water total volume
  • (60)/(1)=(0.000245)/(x)
    • x=0.000004 mols/L of BSA
  • (x)(.000015mols/L)=(10mL)/(0.000004 mols/L)
    • x= 2.666 mL of BSA in 10mL of water total volume

  • So,multiplied solutions below by 2 to get total for 20mL
    • 2666 µL of bsa
    • 906 µL of HAuCl4
    • 6428 µL of H20

  • £=molar absorptivity of BSA= 0.04985572, will be able to use this value to find the actual concentration of BSA bond in Nanoparticles




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