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I am a new member of OpenWetWare!


Contact Info

Lee Farrand (photo taken by a very small camera)
Lee Farrand (photo taken by a very small camera)

I work in the Hwang Lab at Seoul National University. I learned about OpenWetWare by searching for a ligation protocol, and I've joined because it's a great idea and I want to help out.


  • 2012(?), PhD, Seoul National University, Bacteriology
  • 2006, MS, University of Adelaide, Waite Campus, Honours in Biotechnology
  • 2004, BS, University of Adelaide, North Terrace Campus, B.Biotech

Research interests

  1. Xanthomonas oryzae
  2. Type III secretion systems
  3. Bacterial effectors


Thesis: Functional analysis of defence genes associated with the modulation of reactive oxygen species in barley.

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