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In order to synthesize gold nanoparticles, Chloroauric acid (0.25mM) and BSA★ (1.5µM) in 10mL of water added together. A UV-vis spectrum was analyzed at 0 seconds (t0) and after thirty minutes following. The samples were maintained at 70C within the UV-Vis while the reaction proceeded.

★improper calculations resulted in lower total experimental concentration of Chloroauric acid

The procedure to transform the DNa into cells was as follows: The wild-type DNA was first digested by use of an enzyme, DpnI then thawed on ice for 15 min. The cells were then plated on LB/agar plates (25 g/L broth and 20 g/L agar) and with a 100μg/mL solution of antibiotics. Forty μL of competent cells and 5 μL of DNA were combined and incubated on ice for 30 minutes. The DNA/cell mixture was then heat shocked at 42C for 30 sec, and subsequently incubated on ice for 5 min. 250μL of SOC media was added to the mixture, which was then incubated in the shaker at 37C for 1 hr. 100μL of cells were spread (using sterile techniques) on the LB/agar plate. The plate was then inverted and stored in a 37C oven overnight.


  • 5.81 μL of Chloroauric acid (4.3 mM)
  • 97.4 μL of BSA (15.4 μM)
  • 9844 μL water

(as stated the values of chloroauric acid and BSA that were added did not yield the desired concentration).



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