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Continuation of Lysozyme vs KI Dialysis

I used the I- ISE probe to rerun concentration of I- in the dialysis solutions.


Sample Potential (mV) ln[KI] [KI] (mM)
L-50 mM KI-253.73.01425925120.37399334
L-25 mM KI-237.72.32499030710.22658096
L-10 mM KI-215.81.381553443.981081197
L-5 mM KI-199.90.6965924272.006902376
L-2 mM KI-177.4-0.2726920260.761327221
25 mM KI-240.12.42838064911.34050295
10 mM KI-210.81.1661568953.209633945
5 mM KI-196.20.5371989831.711207024
2 mM KI-173.7-0.4320854690.649153892

Analysis of Lysozyme vs CaCl2 Dialysis

Monika and I reran this dialysis because the lysozyme crashed out. We ran Bradford, UV, Fluorescence, and Ca2+ ISE.





NB - I had to rerun the 5 ┬ÁM sample because the wavelength range was not correct on the first run on Wednesday. I also reran a stock and blank for comparison.

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