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Fragment Analysis Results

CNHY / CNTI Uniplexes

  • nice peaks in all markers, for the most part

Acos3 - 195-220

Ai5013 - 175-250

Ai5037 - 140-240

Ai5043 - 160-260

Ai5057 - 220-305

Ai5071 - 220-245

CNHY / CNTI Multiplex all-in-one

  • Acos3 abd Ai5071 amplified well
  • other markers do not show as amplifying



  • Ai5013 and Ai5071 amplified well
  • Ai5043 did not amplify


  • Acos3 amplified
  • Ai5037 weak
  • Ai5057 very weak

SCOC sar80-R trial

  • some very odd profiles, here; sar80 possibly overlapping with Scun11
  • eg - CPN 05: peak at 245 may actually be sar80
  • eg - TP1 12: peak at 204 may actually be the first peak of Scun11 (not Scun3), based on adenylation and slope
  • probably want to run these in uniplex to clarify marker ranges
  • probably want to run sar80 in uniplex permanently, since it amplifies well in uniplex

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