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Laboratory for Therapeutic Particle Engineering

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The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries,
is not 'Eureka!' (I found it!) but 'That's funny ...' - Isaac Asimov (1920 - 1992)


Attention, Everyone!!!


  • "Polyethylenimine-dermatan sulfate complex, a bioactive biomaterial with unique toxicity to CD146-positive cancer cells" by Kim, B.K., Kim, D., Yhee, J.Y., Kwon, I.C., Kim, S.H., Yeo, Y. is accepted for publication in ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering. (5/2/17)
  • Joonyoung Park receives the 2017 Lilly Endowment Gift Graduate Research Award. Congratulations! We thank the Lilly Endowment for the support! (4/28/17)
  • Jun Xu receives the PRF research grant fellowship. Congratulations! (4/26/17)
  • "Development of surface-variable polymeric nanoparticles for drug delivery to tumors", by Ning Han, Liang Pang, Jun Xu, Hyesun Hyun, Jinho Park, and Yoon Yeo, is accepted for publication in Molecular Pharmaceutics. (4/3/12)
  • Hyesun Hyun receives a 2017 AAPS FDD Section Travelship, which will support her attendance at the AAPS Biotech meeting in May. Congratulations! (3/20/17)
  • The Yeo lab celebrates the 10th year anniversary. (Jan. 2017)
  • Joonyoung Park receives the Chaney Graduate Student Travel Award. Congratulations! (1/5/17)
  • "Albumin-coated nanocrystals for carrier-free delivery of paclitaxel" by Joonyoung Park, Bo Sun, and Yoon Yeo is accepted for publication in Journal of Controlled Release. (12/30/16)
  • "Tannic acid-mediated surface functionalization of polymeric nanoparticles" by Sara Abouelmagd, Fanfei Meng, Bieong-Kil Kim, Hyesun Hyun, and Yoon Yeo, is accepted for publication in ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering. (10/27/16)
  • Yihua Pei receives the 2016-2017 Ronald W. Dollens Graduate Scholarship. Congratulations! (9/12/16)
  • Joonyoung Park wins the 2016 Baxter Young Investigator Award (1st tier award). Congratulations! (8/18/16)
  • "Organic nanoparticle systems for spatiotemporal control of multimodal chemotherapy" by Fanfei Meng, Ning Han, and Yoon Yeo is accepted for publication in Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery. (7/22/16)
  • "Zwitterionic chitosan for the systemic treatment of sepsis", by Eun Jung Cho, Kyung-Oh Doh, Jinho Park, Hyesun Hyun, Erin Wilson, Paul Snyder, Michael Tsifansky, Yoon Yeo, is accepted for publication in Scientific Reports. (6/23/16)
  • "Polymer-iron oxide composite nanoparticles for EPR-independent drug delivery" by Jinho Park, Naveen Kadasala, Sara Abouelmagd, Mark Castanares, David Collins, Alexandar Wei, and Yoon Yeo is accepted for publication in Biomaterials (6/3/16)

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  • Dr. Bieong-Kil (Ben) Kim returns to Korea. He joins Yeungnam University as a research assistant professor. (2/20/17)
  • Ning Han returns to China after 1.5 year of visiting scholarship. Yeo lab wishes her a good luck! (12/31/16)
  • Sheryhan Ahmed returns to Egypt after a year of visiting scholarship. Good luck! (11/29/16)
  • Yeo lab welcomes Jianping (Jennifer) Wang, visiting scholar from China Pharmaceutical University. (9/20/16)
  • Yeo lab welcomes Liang (Elaine) Pang, visiting scholar from Fudan University. (9/19/16)

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