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  • To see whether oscillations, which match are specifications, are produced. We will have fulfilled our specifications if the oscillations have the following properties:
  • Stable oscillations for greater than 10 cycles
  • High signal to noise ratio
  • Controllable amplitude and frequency
  • (Our system is based on the quorum sensing/quenching system so connectivity is an inherent part of our design. However, more research is to be done to fulfil this specification).


  • A formal protocol has not been written.
  • Methods for testing under consideration are:
  • To aliquot the extracellular medium within the chemostat at certain time points and then measure the [AHL] using the T9002/J37016 assay.
  • Use a biosensor to measure oscillating output directly (in this case we would be measuring change in pH in the extracellular medium).
  • Use High Performance Liquid Chromatography (more research is required).


  • The prey construct has been built but still needs to be characterized
  • The predator construct still needs to be built

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