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Physics 307L, Fall 2010

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Winter Break Lab Fest       

On Saturday, December 27, 12:30 pm, we're going to have people from the community (mostly Steve's neighbors) visit Junior Lab so they can see first hand the fun the UNM physics majors had this semester. If you would like to participate in this event, please let Steve know! Koch Lab members & former 307L members are welcome to come and help teach!


  • Have fun
  • Learn some physics concepts
  • Have fun

How can I sign up for OpenWetWare?

Go to This page.

What labs can we do?

This is likely where my pre-planning runs out. The Labs link above will show most of the labs we have. Some are likely more fun than others for non-physics majors. Here're some that I'm thinking would be cool:

  • Balmer series: physics of the visible spectrum of hydrogen atoms. This is probably pretty fun.
  • e/m ratio: charge to mass ratio of single electrons. You get to see an electron beam with your eyes. Pretty cool.
  • electron diffraction: electrons are particles and waves. Similarly cool to e/m.
  • /millikan/Millikan oil drop: detecting charge of a single electron. This is really challenging, but pretty cool and a famous experiment.
  • Planck's constant (Photoelectric effect):light is composed of particles of energy called photons. This one is pretty easy to take data, but requires some Excel work to get any kind of answer. It is what Einstein primarily won his Nobel Prize for, though!
  • Speed of Light: measuring the universal speed limit. This is so fundamental, people may want to try it. But there's nothing very cool to see and it requires a lot of analysis. Not sure if it would be fun for non-physicists.

Who is coming?

Steve thinks you should request an OWW account and put your name down here if you're coming. Here's who I think is coming as of Christmas Eve:

  • Steve
  • KT
  • Babette
  • Jason
  • Barbara + parents

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