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Rich Lab, aka SWES-MEL
(U.A. Dept. of Soil, Water and Environmental Science Microbial Ecology Lab)

Contact Us

Lab: 301 Saguaro Hall

Lab Phone: 520-626-1309

Postdoc & Student Office:
315 Saguaro Hall

Virginia: 309 Saguaro Hall,

Delivery address for non-perishables:
Shantz Rm 429 1177 E Fourth St. University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721

  • Our lab studies microbial biogeochemistry. We use molecular microbial ecology techniques and strong partnerships with biogeochemists, informaticians, and modelers to investigate how microbes respond to, and mediate, environments undergoing anthropogenic change. We're a diverse group of scientists, working together on a "systems-level" understanding of microbial community interactions with the environment.
  • Top row Left to right: Gary Trubl, Adam Nighswander, Rose Vining, Maggie Murphy, Dawson Fairbanks, and David Phu
  • Bottom row Left to right: Moira Hough, Binh Pham, Maya Sederholm, Virginia Rich (with lab pet Rosie), Krystalle Diaz, Darya Anderson, and Kristine de Leon

  • Top row Left to right: Darya Anderson, Kristine de Leon, Maya Sederholm, Morgan Binder, Moira Hough
  • Middle row Left to right: Dawson Fairbanks, Robert Jones (RJ), Virginia Rich, Lynn Massey, Gary Trubl, Akos Owusu-Dommey
  • Bottom row Left to right: Bree Rodriguez, Eun-Hae Kim (EK), Krystalle Diaz, Maya Cross-Killingsworth

  • Top row Left to right: Morgan Binder, Gary Trubl, Maya Sederholm, Akos Owusu-Dommey, Robert M Jones
  • Bottom Row Left to right: Krystalle Diaz, Eun-Hae Kim, Virginia Rich, Lynn Massey

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