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  • I polymerized microtubules yesterday. The tubulin was suspended in regular TSB and was fixed with fresh PEM-T made on 2009-12-08.
  • I also got a new stock of kinesin from the freezer on 2009-12-08.
  • I made new PEM-κCT today.
  • I made new PEM-κCA today.
  • I got a new aliquot of antifade today.
  • I took out an aliquot of PEM-Glu on 2009-12-08.


The purpose of this experiment is to investigate the 50% D2O point. I haven't put that data in my notebook but I will do so today so I don't forget what I did.



The first thing I am going to do is setup a slide that is exactly the same as every other slide I've done. This is to check and see if motility is working. I've passivated the slide with kappa casein.

It works. Now to move on to something a little more interesting.

45% D2O

This slide has 45% D2O in the motility solution.

50% D2O

This slide has 50% D2O in the motility solution.

55% D2O

This is a slide that has 55% D2O in the motility solution.

Now all I need to do is get the analysis of the above movies and check to see if my anomalous point is real or not.

Steve Koch 02:48, 10 December 2009 (EST): Oh man, I'm dying to know the answer!!! Larry and I discussed possibilities of making his tracking software output a velocity, so that you could manually find out these kinds of answers in a matter of minutes. Not sure how long it will take him to do that. The long-term answer of how to fully automate everything is still a puzzle. Also, in terms of your notebook, I think you're doing well. It would not be easy, but I think most of what you've done can be deduced via the links you provide. A problem is that any of those links can change -- so you don't really have links to instances of those materials and methods. However, since the wiki keeps a complete record of changes, an interested reader (which is most likely going to be you or me a few months from now!) would be able to go find those pages as they were on 12/09/2009. One thing I notice that is missing: where is the D2O, how are you making 45% D2O? This is less obvious than the other things. I am really happy with your efforts here! This, along with the others' notebooks is at least giving me some vision of what needs to be done in OWW 2.0. Definitely Cameron's LaBLog is easier to make atomistic. But I think he'd probably admit, too, that something needs to improved, since he's had a hard time convincing others to use it. But the mechanism he has going is what I had in mind for OWW. One option I'm discussing with Bill is: would it be possible to use LaBLog (or Evernote, or ..., or...) within OWW? How do we make that easy, and what does OWW add?
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