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Western blot
Check cells for stimulation

Materials & Methods



Samples were loaded 40 μL, with 15 μL prestained protein marker in the first lane, according to the schedule below. Gell was run for 45-60 min @ 200 V until loading buffer had left the gel (+5 min). Proteins were transferred to membrane 1 h @ 100 V on ice.

SDS-PAGE 15 wells
Well # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Gell #1 Marker HT4.1.1 X HT4.1.2 HT4.1.3 HT4.1.4 HT4.1.5 HT4.1.6 X HT4.2.1 HT4.2.2 HT4.2.3 HT4.2.4 HT4.2.5 HT4.2.6
Gell #2 Marker D9.1 X D9.2 X D9.3 D9.4 D9.5 X D9.6 X X X X X
Comments Gell #2 Spill over D9.1 <40 μL Spill over D9.1 Spill over D9.2 <40 μL <40 μL Spill over D9.5 Spill over D9.6


  • D9 gel was against Red and HT4 against black side during transfer to membrane


  • WHAT?

Pierce Determination VASP 080310


  • DONE Ow..

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