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[[Maloof_Lab:LI1800_light_meter|<font style="color:#000;">Using the LI1800 light meter</font>]]
[[Maloof_Lab:LI1800_light_meter|<font style="color:#000;">Using the LI1800 light meter</font>]]
[[Maloof_Lab:ImageJ_analysis|<font style="color:#000;">Analyzing luminiscence over time with ImageJ</font>]]

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Room 2115
Section of Plant Biology
1002 Life Sciences, One Shields Ave.
University of California Davis
Davis, CA 95616


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DNA extraction for 96 well plates, CTAB method

Cell transformation

Cleaning ball bearings

Seed sterilization

Miniprep using Promega reagents but not the columns

MS plates for plant growth

Exo-SAP PCR cleanup for sequencing


PCR taq, buffer and MgCl2


Electrophoresis Buffers

Loading Dye

Lab Safety

Maloof lab safety

Scripts, instructions and miscellaneous

Using the LI1800 light meter

Analyzing luminiscence over time with ImageJ

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