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  • Short summary


  • Students T-test on all ELISA's done so far
    • Ht31/Ht31P done separately from Ht31/S0
  • Student T-test, 2-tailed, α = 0.025


T.TEST S0 & Ht31
S0 p = CSE (S0) p = CSE (Ht31) p =
CTR vs CSE 0,1078 vs CTR (Ht31)0,120 vs CTR (S0)0,003<0.05
CTR vs CSE+8p 0,03<0.05 vs CSE+8P (Ht31) 0,176 vs CSE+8P (S0) 0,023<0.05
CTR vs CSE+6Bnz 0,065- vs CSE+6Bnz (Ht31) 0,230 vs CSE+6Bnz (S0) 0,003<0.05
CSE vs CSE+8p 0,642-
CSE vs CSE+6Bnz 0,158-
CSE+8p vs CSE+6Bnz 0,070 CSE+8p (S0) CSE+8p (Ht31)
Ht31 vs CTR (Ht31) 0,043 <0.05 vs CTR (S0) 0,006 <0.05
CTR vs CSE 0,003 <0.05 vs CSE+6Bnz (Ht31) 0,273 vs CSE+6Bnz (S0) 0,008<0.05
CTR vs CSE+8p 0,007<0.05
CTR vs CSE+6Bnz 0,058-
CSE vs CSE+8p 0,751-CSE+6Bnz (S0)CSE+6Bnz (Ht31)
CSE vs CSE+6Bnz 0,005 vs CTR (Ht31) 0,162 vs CTR (S0) 0,040<0.05
CSE+8p vs CSE+6Bnz 0,012<0.05
S0 vs Ht31
CTR 0,426
CSE 0,219-
CSE+8p 0,032<0.05
CSE+6Bnz 0,157-
(IL-8 Conc. pg/mL)
CTR 33,7679103310,8549671410,9545084264,1464961310,85496714
CSE 239,8091037106,32513825,6543713235,7278169106,32513
CSE+8P 414,094347695,56721794350,9905481192,155286795,56721794
CSE+6Bnz 128,277435339,3325892256,4447704186,8564819439,33258922
CTR 37,9706428721,4252514151,8369236970,8591955211,16153545
CSE 503,5237738273,5458268734,3264253462,3291814590,7760679
CSE+8P 574,5179107259,3276989672,8539828416,2929523850,939156
CSE+6Bnz 90,9087767183,34906579104,8848809124,7685078289,1702769


  • Due to the low cell viability caused by Ht31P the results obtained from Ht31P and the Ht31 in combination with Ht31P gave no good results
  • Because Ht31P caused cell death the ratio of Alamar blue of Ht31 was high in comparison to S0 yielding too low IL-8 values
    • IL8 value corrected for Alamar blue = )IL8 value/percentage of cell viability compared to CTR Ht31P' × 100


  • CSE+S0 has a too large Standard Deviation
    • A higher n is required
    • More experiments will be started

  • PKA is not significantly inhibited by Ht31
    • Increase Ht31
    • Perform VASP in increasing Ht31 concentrations

  • Epac does not effect IL-8 production

  • PKA decreases IL-8 production

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